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Surveillance & Physical Security

Surveillance & Physical Security

Network security does not just take place online, and even the best firewalls can't defend against physical threats.  ABP is here to support our Partners in creating systems that can detect threats and intelligently alert responders, deter incidents from happening, and assist the end users to operate conveniently and safely in their day-to-day tasks.  ABP provides intelligent solutions built upon logic and communication at all levels. 

MOBOTIX: Modular, adaptive, and decentralized. 

What if your camera system was also your 2-way audio, temperature alarm, and helped with retail analytics?  Imagine a camera that is also your emergency communicator, your school's bell and audio system, provides feedback on traffic patterns, and monitors heavy machinery's operating temperatures all through one device without needing a server or operator.  

KENTIX: Feature-rich, small form factor, and ever-growing.

Environmental risks can be just as crippling as an intruder inside your building, but our Partners have tools available to monitor for risk factors, either actively or passively, before damages can happen.  Imagine nursing-home rooms, data centers, or storage buildings actively monitoring for gas, fire, water, temperature, and other threats.   

ISONAS: Cloud-hosted, low hardware requirements, and scalable.

Are your customers looking for access control but they don't have head-end space to spare?  What about a customer with multiple spread-out offices and roaming staff?  Imagine access control just an Ethernet cable away!  Each reader is cloud-managed and a self-contained door system in one device.  

Suprema: Token-less convenience, rugged, and multi-purpose. 

What if your customer is looking for access control without the hassle of cards or fobs, or do they have security needs for dual-factor authentication?  Imagine being able to add facial recognition to almost any existing system, fingerprint readers instead of proximity cards, or after-hours "finger + PIN." 

ABP Surveillance Solution Packs: Tested, pre-configured, and expanded service. 

ABP is continuously working to provide a streamlined process of support for our Partners.  We have compiled hardware and software to make your job easier and to help grow your business into new verticals or niches.  These add-on packs are developed to help our Partners expand with less risk.  



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