IP Technology Distribution

IP Infrastructure & Network Security

IP Infrastructure & Network Security

As the world of communications converges with the world of data, the need for a more robust and more efficient infrastructure becomes apparent. ABP's expertise in resolving bottlenecks and quality issues in Voice and Video has led us to create a "Value Infrastructure portfolio" based on top quality at best price point.

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  • Switches & POE

    A network switch is a key element in everybody’s IT infrastructure. From large enterprises to home offices there is always a switch in charge of the first line interconnection of PC, laptops, IP phones  and other networking devices. 

  • IP Wireless

    From Wi-Fi, 3G GSM, 4G LTE to long range Point to Point, City Wide Area Coverage or strategic mesh for surveillance solutions let our team help you with the right solution.

  • Routers

    High-Performance routers with embedded security features, content management, MultiWAN business continuity, QOS, IP v6 ready and more. Ensure your customer's performance and business continuity by upgrading his infrastructure when you deploy IP Communications or Video Surveillance solutions.

  • Network Security

    Offer your customers routers that offer enhanced security features and get trained in setting up a more secure environment for your customers. IPv6 is on the horizon and will incorporate security related advantages but also challenges when not applied right.

  • Ethernet Extenders

    While Ethernet is limited to 300' or 500' depending if with or without POE there are many solutions to go much farther.

  • Fibre Optics & Industrial Ethernet

    Bandwidth requirements and distances frequently make fibre the better solution. From Fibre to Industrial Ethernet or FTTO Fibre to the office ABP offers high MTBF and energy efficient solutions that scale.