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MxMSP™: When, Where & How Much?

You can get MxMSP/MxLINQ™ now! The product is ready for you to sell. Our platform has been operational for over 18 months with 99.99% uptime. To sign-up to use MxMSP/MxLINQ™ in the U.S., Canada, or Latin America just call your Account Manager at ABP for an account. We currently have thousands of cameras at more than 250 MOBOTIX locations at 15+ countries operating on the platform, including some national distributors that are getting ready to deploy the platform in their respective countries. If you are outside of the Americas region send an email to sales@iptechview.com

The product is sold as a yearly subscription per camera plus optional Cloud Storage if needed. Standard Retention time for storage can be selected from 30 days up to one year (In regions where long retention time is allowed). Cloud Services also offer choices like (Single frame recording for low bandwidth environemts, MP4 1080 Budget Recording, Full MxPEG Video with Audio, Varied Event length Video, Time Lapse, etc). Currently, during the Partner Launch we are providing MOBOTIX Partners  FREE MxPEG Cloud Recording 30 days retention  (6 month license) - including time lapse feature.

Future third-party solutions for LPR, Face Recognition and other analytics will be offered for an additional fee when released.

Most partners are selling a combination of their service plus MxLINQ™ access for $5-10 a month which gives partners a solid gross margin and a healthy recurring monthly revenue. Some partner's bundles exceed $10 per camera and include things like up some hours of remote- or on-premise service per month, complementary SD Card, quarterly physical site visits with system revision, advanced replacement, free cable replacement and more.

Your customers are going to love you for the refresh and the huge upgrade the new platform means for their Mobotix system. 

Call your distributor or ABP in the Americas to discuss these options and get your FREE Partner Package. 



You haven't yet learned about MxMSP?  Watch the Video


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