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Unified Communications for Hotels, MTU/MDU, or Campus Environments with Analog Phones

Moving to IP telephony but want to keep your existing analog phones & systems? Learn how VoIP gateways like Patton's SN4740 connect analog devices to IP PBX systems for cost savings & new f...
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UC for Hotels, MTU/MDU or Campus Environments with Analog Phones (Part II)

In PART I of this article we addressed the motivation question: Why would an organization switch to IP Telephony when it owns a plethora of bought-and-paid-for analog phones—and a traditional PBX—t...
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6 Components an IVR System Needs for an Omnichannel Experience

Press 1 for Spanish. Press 2 for French, and press 3 for English. I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve heard something similar during a phone call. In the complicated world of the IoT it’s o...
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UC for Hotels, MTU/MDU or Campus Environments with Analog Phones (Part I)

Many organizations support large numbers of analog handsets that still work—and that are an integral part of operations and life-safety processes. As the world shifts under their feet to ALL-IP com...
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What's Wrong with Fax-over-IP?

“It won’t go through,” she says. The fax, she means. Most existing FAX machines don’t work, or don’t work well once you adopt IP Telephony, a.k.a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). So. . . why is...
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Microsoft Unified Communications: Solving for Interoperability

Unified Communications (UC) promises enhanced worker productivity for businesses, with such attractive features as integrated voicemail and email, desktop voice and video calling, colleague presenc...
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The End of OAM: Alerting & Alarming in the Cloud

The growth of virtualization technologies, supported by cloud services, is radically transforming the way communication networks are delivered and managed.Read more about The End of OAM: Alerting &...
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Business Telephony: How to Connect Analog POTS Phones to an ALL-IP-System with Cloud Orchestration

So you took the leap. You went ALL-IP with your business communications. Congratulations! But wait…  you have a business-critical analog phone or two—or four—that you still need to keep alive. What...
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Patton Trinity SmartNode Configuration with 3CX

Patton SmartNode gateways running SmartWare can easily be configured and provisioned from within the 3CX Phone System.Read more about Patton Trinity SmartNode Configuration with 3CX
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Patton SmartNodes: Policy Routing feature

Patton SmartNodes are not just gateways. The SmartNode includes a very powerful IP routing engine that includes features usually only found in much more expensive networking devices. This post intr...
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